About aQua-TT

Mission Statement

To become the leading authority that facilitates the development of aquaculture in Trinidad and Tobago and to establish quality standards for all aspects of the industry.


To establish a viable and sustainable aquaculture industry in Trinidad and Tobago through an open exchange of information, techniques and experiences supported by a dedicated, independent and educated membership.


To gather and disseminate information, whilst creating public awareness.

To promote development of aquaculture in the nation.

To create a forum for the voice of the nation's aquaculturists.

To partner with government agencies and private industries in the development of aquaculture.

To provide a professional and influential lobby group to boost the aquaculture industry.


Organizational Affiliations

We are members of:

Agricultural Society of Trinidad and Tobago (ASTT)

We liaise with:

The University of the West Indies (UWI):

Faculty of Science and Technology (FST),

Faculty of Food and Agriculture (FFA),

School of Veterinary Medicine- Aquaculture Pathology Unit,

Sugarcane Feed Center (SFC).

Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA).

Ministry of Food Production: Aquaculture Unit.

Seafood Industry Development Company (SIDC)

Agricultural Development Bank (ADB)

American Soya Bean Association (ASA)

National Flour Mills (NFM)

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)


Meetings are held quarterly at the Chemistry Building, Room C1,  UWI (Main Campus), St. Augustine. Issues facing farmers are discussed and solved with a group initiative. Lectures on related topics are also given. Elections are held between August and October at our Annual General Meeting (AGM)


Benefits Of Our Members

Dispensation of information on aquaculture as a business in Trinidad and Tobago

Farm and facility design and assistance.

Regular updates on the aquaculture industry's status in Trinidad and Tobago

Support and endorsement for the acquisition of loans

Obtain incentives and discounts on aquaculture equipment from selected suppliers.

Site visits to farms and facilities

Who Can Join aQua-TT?

Anyone with an interest in rearing aquatic organisms (plants or animals) for business or pleasure can obtain membership.
Membership fees are TT$100 per annum.
Registration forms are available at our website (Click Here) or can be emailed to those interested.