History of the Aquaculture Association of Trinidad and Tobago

Founded on September 15th, 2001 at the SFC, Longdenville - originally referred to as AATT.

Our founder Mr. Capildeo Barrath, was at that time the owner and manager of the largest Tilapia farm in Trinidad located at Plum Mitan, Nariva. He had the foresight to see the potential for the development of an export market of Tilapia.

The original Board members felt the association could be used to encourage farmers to pool resources in order to create enough output to fulfill a consistent export quota. The association would also be used to provide information to the public on the culturing of Tilapia and other aquaculture species and also promote the consumption of these locally produced fish.

A series of seminars followed. The first major seminar was hosted at the Trinidad Hilton Hotel on June 28th, 2002 sponsored by the American Soya bean Association (ASA) and the National Feed Mills (NFM).

Several other seminars assisted by the ASA, NFM and Trinidad and Tobago Agribusiness Association (TTABA) followed in the proceeding decade.

Our meetings and seminars have featured guest lecturers such as the president of the World Aquaculture Society (WAS), international fish pathologists and foreign and local experts in the field.

We have participated in at least six successful agricultural exhibitions hosted by various organizations such as, National Training Agency (NTA), ASTT and UWI with the first decade of our existence.

The Aquaculture Association of Trinidad and Tobago adopted the acronym, aQua-TT and a new logo following our 2008 election.

We launched our school outreach program during January 2009.

The Aquaculture Association of Trinidad and Tobago Multi-purpose Co-operative Society Limited (aQua-TT MCSL) was launched during May 2010.


Past Presidents of aQua-TT

2001-2008: Mr. Capildeo Barrath
2008-2008/2008-2009: Mr. James ‘Jimmy’ Chang Kit/ Prof. Indar Ramnarine
2009-2010: Mr. Capildeo Barrath
2010-2011: Mr. Ryan S. Mohammed
2011-2012: Mr. Ryan S. Mohammed
2012- 2013/2013: Mr. Jaisree Jodhan /Mr. Capildeo Barrath
2013- 2014: Mr. Ryan S. Mohammed
2014- Currently: Mr. Ryan S. Mohammed